Real estate detection


Preparation stage


Execution stage


Operating stage


Real estate detection stage

  • Searching for and detecting a real estate or land in accordance with the Client’s preferences
  • Determining the condition of the real estate (condition of construction/proprietary and legal relationships)
  • Determining the possibility of construction/extension of the existing real estate or new land
  • Consultancy and guidance of the Client during the real estate purchase process
  • Photorealistic visualization of the possibility for development of the existing real estate

Preparation stage

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and investment evaluation
  • Finding and selecting a design engineer in accordance with the Client’s preferences
  • Project management and coordination of all teams involved in the design
  • Optimization of design solutions
  • Obtaining the necessary permits (location permit, building permit, etc.)
  • Preparation and planning of execution deadlines
  • Preparation of contracts, calling for proposals and assessment of works
  • Finding contractors
  • Material selection consultancy
  • Involving the Clients/Developers in the decision-making process



Execution stage

  • Complete expert supervision of performance
  • Project management on behalf of the Investor
  • Construction site management
  • Services of a coordinator I and II
  • Coordination of all project implementation participants
  • Assistance in the organization of the construction site and coordination of competent services
  • Budget development and management (time-money relationship)

Operating stage

  • Technical “Due Diligence”
  • Organization of works to manage the intended purpose of individual subspaces
  • Preparation for maintenance of facilities and technical devices
  • Condition assessment, organization of repairs and regular maintenance